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Oliver's Book

Oliver was a very special dog.  His enthusiasm for live and his love for his family are a lasting legacy.

The loss of a pet can be devastating to a child.  It is often their first experience with death and creates feelings that are sad, scary, confusing and intense.  Experts suggest that children need to work through their grief, to talk about their pet, and to discuss what death means.  They often want to talk about their pets over and over again.

Oliver’s  Book is more than a memorial to a beloved pet.  It can help any family grieve.  Reading the book helps children talk about the good times, the funny memories, and the enduring love.  Reading Oliver’s Book helps children revisit the life and death of a pet again and again in a healing, reassuring, and nurturing way.

For truly, the love of a dog does last forever.

Author Lisa Merriam interviews noted child psychologist Kristin Perry about helping children cope with the loss of a pet.